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The Leading Cause of Tooth Loss

Most of the time, people think they lose their teeth because of decay. That’s not the case. Tooth loss is caused primarily by gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease in more professional terms.

Periodontal disease is often ignored until tooth loss starts to occur. The symptoms of periodontal disease include bleeding gums when brushing and flossing or feeling your teeth are loose and moving around more than they should.

If your teeth feel like they’ll fall out at any time, and you think surgery is the only option, you’ll be happy to know that it’s possible to take control of periodontal disease and stop it from progressing without using invasive surgery.

Advanced Periodontal Disease

When periodontal disease has progressed past a particular stage, the only possible solution is to treat it with surgery. While it may not be the best of choices or one you look forward to, the advantage of gum surgery is that it’s almost certainly covered through a simple and common insurance plan.

If the disease is mild, several treatments, excluding surgery, can have a positive effect that, if paired with the proper hygiene your teeth need, can stop any further progression. This non-surgical gum disease treatment at Fairfax VA is also covered under the majority of insurance plans. 

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Contribution to Negative Effects on the Heart and Cause of Strokes

Medical researchers have discovered a clear link between gum disease, strokes, and cardiovascular diseases.

The American Dental Association estimated that 80% of Americans have been diagnosed and found to have periodontal disease. If this were another more widely known disease, such as AIDS or tuberculosis, there would be an uproar about an epidemic!

Many dentists have come to this exact conclusion. They are also aware that gum disease would not be considered serious enough to be labeled as an epidemic because it hasn’t caused any deaths. The worst your situation could get is that your teeth may fall out. While that may not be pleasant, it does not affect your mortality. At least, it didn’t happen until now.

A recent report by the American Academy of Periodontology stated that numerous studies found the spread of infection caused by periodontal to be a contributing factor to the progression of heart disease.

It also increases the risks of children being born prematurely or underweight in pregnant women, posing a concerning threat to those already in poor health due to diabetes or respiratory problems.

Periodontal disease causes an increase in bacterial production, leading to gum infections. The bacteria then flow into the bloodstream and the heart. The best way to prevent it is to consult a periodontist at Fairfax VA for early treatment. 

Is Losing a Tooth Problematic?

Losing a single tooth can cause the remaining teeth to move more freely in the open space, which is not good. This can affect your ability to chew your food properly and your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. There are other drawbacks as well.

The shape of your face can change and look more “sunken.” This physical change can cause you to look much more aged. Your speech can also be affected.

The best way to fix these issues is to get dental implants. Implants can replace one or many teeth and be customized to look as real as your original teeth. 

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